Founded in 2008, X-akseli Oy is an IT system supplier specialising in the needs of the health care sector. Our main product is the AKSELI system, intended for managing the patient stream.

Our mission: openness & co-operation

We strongly believe in the power of openness and co-operation in all of our operations, which makes us an exceptional system supplier. We believe in the clients’ right to choose their solutions regardless of systems or suppliers. This is why our products are based on sensible open source code solutions that everyone can utilise.

X-akseli is a company owned by its employees and it emphasises the importance of the common good instead of working only for one’s own benefit. The only way to achieve the best results is by growing and developing together – with open communication and close co-operation. Our company’s strength is derived from the extensive business and technology know-how that is combined in our employees in a unique way.

We are not just talking here about technology; we genuinely understand the client’s needs, both present and future. As a company that dares to be different, we offer our clients ready-made building blocks that can be used to construct a system of the exact right size and shape. What’s more, our building blocks can be used again and again in various parts of the process.

X-akseli as an employer

At X-akseli, we enjoy our jobs exceptionally much. We work with a relaxed attitude and appreciate good results. We give our employees lots of freedom and thus also responsibility.

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Our employees’ stories

  • Roberto
    Roberto Designer

    Roberto started working for X-akseli as a designer in August 2014. His employment history includes several years of work in various fields in different parts of the world – Australia, Southeast Asia and Europe. Roberto does some of the programming for the AKSELI system. He specialises in the design and implementation of installation tools and also performs installation work himself as necessary.

    For Roberto, an important part of working for X-akseli is the people he works with. He is driven by learning new things from others and developing his skills. The content of the work is also important.

    Roberto enjoys working for X-akseli. He feels that we are not just in it for the money but are working for a good cause.

    “We are working to improve health care systems. This benefits many people and hopefully also improves the quality of life.”

  • Daniel
    Daniel Programmer

    Daniel started working for X-akseli in June 2012. His work involves research and programming on the product development side. Daniel likes the diversity of his job and the opportunities to challenge himself.

    X-akseli is Daniel’s first permanent employer. His colleagues are close to him and the atmosphere feels like a family. When the organisation is not rigid, there is time to pay attention to all employees.

    “I feel that my own views and opinions make a difference.”

    In particular, Daniel feels that the work is meaningful. X-akseli develops new ideas and is forward-looking. This results in, for example, more efficient operations in hospitals.

  • Simo
    Simo Systems architect

    Simo started working for X-akseli as a systems architect in 2011. His job is diverse and challenging. It involves the design and implementation of components of the AKSELI system as well as installation work and customer service. Simo is involved in developing the system, planning what new things could be created and how the existing solutions could be improved.

    “AKSELI is a good system, and I’ve seen how it helps hospital employees in their work.”

    To Simo, the best thing about his job is the chance to be involved in designing new things. As an engineer, he feels he is first and foremost a problem-solver. Accordingly, it is not insignificant to him how the work is done.

    Simo thinks the easiest way to become a real member of the work community is by opening your own mouth. In his opinion, the atmosphere at X-akseli is that of a young and small company. Everyone at the company is flexible, and all colleagues know each other. Things get done easily when people are not rigid.

    “The people are enthusiastic and good workers,” Simo says about his workmates.

  • Ilona
    Ilona Graphic designer

    Ilona has been working for X-akseli as a graphic designer since January 2014. She works part-time alongside her studies. The combination has worked well, and she has managed to complete courses by working.

    Ilona is responsible for designing X-akseli’s graphic materials for sales and marketing purposes. According to Ilona, the best thing about her work is designing important things for the company that help it succeed.

    “My own work makes a difference, which is nice,” Ilona says.

    Ilona has enjoyed working at X-akseli. She says she has a good time at work. Her colleagues are nice and everyone gets along well.

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