Benefits for decision-makers

1. Automation of routine tasks

Self check-in frees up valuable personnel resources and helps the care staff concentrate on care work instead of routine tasks. AKSELI will quickly pay itself back.

2. More efficient use of time

The working time of doctors and care staff is saved when patients check themselves in using the self-service kiosks. The few people without a Kela card and other special cases can use the information point shared by all wards. No more time needs to be spent looking for patients, and they are called in using the info screens. If the staff saves, for example, two minutes of work per patient, the increase in efficiency is significant at the organisational level.

3. Reports facilitate development work

The reports generated by AKSELI can highlight previously unnoticed needs for change and development in the organisation. The processes and procedures relating to the patient stream can be further improved.

4. A flexibly scalable system

You can flexibly add new parts to the system, such as text message reminders and the invoicing interface. We are constantly developing AKSELI to make it even more versatile.

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