Benefits for nurses

1. Less need to write up records

Do not spend your time on checking personal information forms or entering changed information into the patient information system. Thanks to AKSELI, the patients check their contact information themselves, and the nurses do the patient care.

2. Focus on care work

Before, you had to phone from one ward to another looking for patients when they had not arrived at their appointment. Sometimes the patients were found in the laboratory or at the X-ray waiting for their turn, and sometimes they never arrived at all. This also made other patients’ appointments run late. Now it is possible to confirm that the patient has arrived with one look at the appointment list.

3. Easy to learn and quick to use

You will quickly learn AKSELI’s basic functions. The system saves you from routine work by automatically recording the events.

4. Visibility for your work

AKSELI always records each patient visit. This helps highlight work that used to be invisible, thus increasing the appreciation of nurses.

Faster reception of patients

At the Eye Centre at Tampere University Hospital, up to 250 patients per day check in using the self-service kiosk. Akseli has speeded up the reception, smoothly guiding the patients to the right place. “Thanks to Akseli, the next person to receive the patient will immediately see when the patient is there. Before, we used to run or phone to rooms to say that the patient was coming. The patients can use Akseli without difficulties,” says Assistant Chief Nurse Pauliina Wallius-Reinwall.

Start using AKSELI

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