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  • Antti Tikkanen
    Antti Tikkanen Sales Manager
  • Jasmina Lindgren
    Jasmina Lindgren Sales

    +358 44 0290590

  • Minna Mäkinen
    Minna Mäkinen Account manager
  • Miia Pellikka
    Miia Pellikka Account manager

    +358 40 701 9262

  • Jari Rantanen
    Jari Rantanen Account manager

    +358 50 324 4546

  • Sanna Yrjänä
    Sanna Yrjänä Product Owner

    +358 40 763  5313

  • Marcus Dobrinkat
    Marcus Dobrinkat CTO

    +358 40 418 8706

  • Janne Argillander
    Janne Argillander CEO

Invoicing information

Electronic invoices

Business ID: 2222619-0

Electronic invoicing address: FI2380240710056149
Operator: Danske Bank

NOTE! Please notify us after you have sent the first electronic invoice, so that we can make sure that the connections work. Thank you!

If your company is not able to send electronic invoices, we ask you to send the invoice as a PDF to the following address:

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