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Support request

Use the form to request support or report a problem.

  • Fill in all the fields in the form.
  • In problem situations, explain in the message how the problem was identified and the impact it has, and give examples if possible.
  • Use separate forms for each problem.

You can also use the support request form to report any changes in the organisation and any downtime that may have an impact on the use or functioning of the Akseli system. The support services should only be contacted by the organisation’s contact persons and the main users of the Akseli system. This way, we can prevent services from being unnecessarily occupied by service requests that are not due to our products and/or services and that already have a solution.

In urgent situations, the Akseli support team may be contacted by telephone (Mon.–Fri. 8am–4pm) on:

  • +358 20 721 8870