A versatile system that brings together several technological and software solutions for easier operations and seamless customer flow management.


Akseli makes the reception of customers fast and effortless. Learn more about Akseli’s main features.

Self-service kiosks

An easy-to-use self-service kiosk facilitates self check-in and guides your customers directly to the correct healthcare professional. Read more

Info displays

The info displays inform customers in the waiting lobbies and can be used to replace traditional notice boards. The displays direct the customers to the correct treatment room. Read more

Tools for professionals

Make your operations more efficient and monitor customer flow. Akseli offers tools for scheduling of work and monitoring of space utilisation rates. Read more

Messages and reminders

Keep your customers up to date on appointments and changes to them by text message and email. Transfer your appointment management online. Read more


Avatars have become a firm favourite among young patients. From the hundreds of avatars included in the system, six are picked randomly for the child to choose from. Read more

Room reservations

Using paper calendars and searching for available rooms are now a thing of the past. Book all the facilities you need easily through a single user interface. Read more

Patient wristbands

Create seamless services and offer your customers a more convenient visit. Akseli RANNE boosts efficiency and customer satisfaction. Read more


Akseli’s reports provide valuable and detailed information on the efficiency of your operations. Forecasts help you anticipate challenges before they materialise. Read more


Akseli offers smart tools for treatment planning and contributes to effective time management by automatically proposing suitable shifts and schedules. Read more

1. Self-service kiosks

A self-service kiosk allows customers to check themselves in and offers them guidance. The customer can use the barcode on the invitation letter, a Kela health insurance card, or an identity card to check in. When necessary, the personal identity code can also be entered manually using the touchscreen.

After a successful check-in, the kiosk prints out a receipt containing information on the appointment, a personal visit number, an avatar (if selected), and instructions on how to find the correct waiting lobby.

2. Info displays

In the waiting lobby, the info displays replace the functions of conventional notice boards and show information that is useful to the customers. It’s easy to add, delete, and edit notices, news, and adverts for each display separately.

When the customer is called in to the treatment room in the professional’s user interface, the system plays a call-in sound when the visit number changes, displays the visit number on the info displays, and directs the customer to the correct treatment room. If Akseli’s virtual characters have been enabled, the avatar selected by the customer is also displayed.

3. Tools for professionals

The Professional View allows the healthcare professionals to see in real time when the customer arrives in the waiting lobby without the having to go out and check. Customers can be called in to the treatment room with a single click of the mouse, which also sends this information to the info displays and door displays.

Other staff members can also see the customer who was called in last on their own screens. In addition, the Professional View can be used to pause reservations, transfer customers to another professional, check the current location and view the entire day’s program.

4. Messages and reminders

Akseli enables informing the customers through various channels.

Notifications on appointments can be sent by SMS and, when necessary, separate messages can be sent to notify the customer of any changes and cancellations.

The print-out that the customer gets when checking in provides information on the order of appointments and related instructions. General information on the organisation can also be shown on the info displays. With Akseli, relevant information can be offered to customers quickly and easily during the course of the working day.

5. Avatars

Designed with paediatric patients in mind, Akseli’s virtual characters, or avatars, can be printed on the visit print-out or the wristband used at outpatient clinics.

When checking in, the patient can select an avatar from the options offered by the self-service kiosk. All the avatars are unique and follow younger patients throughout their entire visit, appearing on the info display in the correct waiting lobby and in conjunction with the call-in to the treatment room, to make instructions easier to understand.

Our range of avatars consists of hundreds of characters, ensuring that each child can find one they like. Dogs and other animals, such as the penguin and Akseli bunny, are instant hits among young patients.

6. Room reservations

Akseli offers a handy feature for booking rooms and other facilities.

With its real-time information, Akseli helps the user find available rooms and book them – thus replacing reservation calendars and room lists. In addition to available rooms, Akseli also displays information on reservations so the user can see when reserved rooms become available.

The features and devices related to room reservations can be used for booking both treatment and meeting rooms. Users can view room-specific reservation calendars from their own workstations or the on door displays mounted next to each room, enabling them to start calling customers in without time-consuming configuration.

7. Patient wristbands

RANNE® offers an easy way to identify patients. The wristband can be printed in seconds and it is easy to attach.

RANNE® can be integrated with any backend system, which can then be used for printing wristbands. The wristbands, which are specially designed for healthcare environments, are available in various colours and sizes, and from newborns to adults.


8. Reports

Akseli’s reports provide information on areas of the organisation that have room for improvement. Actions and events related to a function monitored by Akseli are recorded in the system, enabling the monitoring of the organisation’s performance on a detailed level. Typical functions on which records are kept include customer numbers, waiting times, units’ workloads, the sufficiency of resources and the level of automation.

With Akseli’s reports, you can optimise your day-to-day operations and develop your customer flow, resource, and facility management processes.

9. Automation

Akseli combines data from integrated backend systems and presents information on customer treatment times and resources in a clear manner.

Schedules for all the organisation’s resources can be prepared easily with a shift planner tool, which enables efficient scheduling and thereby saves valuable time. With a single tool, you can check that all your resources are allocated the necessary facilities and rooms, ensuring the efficient utilisation of facilities.

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