Akseli in short

Akseli is a customer flow and work management system that features self check-in kiosks, info displays, door displays, mobile services, patient wristbands, and a facility management.

Akseli for customers

With a self-service kiosk, customers can check in quickly and easily without having to queue. Info displays direct customers to the correct treatment room and ward. They can also be used to display announcements and other relevant information.

Akseli for professionals

Akseli makes workflows more efficient. Call in customers with a single click and view customer flow in real time from your screen. Plan shifts and room reservations smartly using automation. Focus on your core tasks while Akseli takes care of the routine arrangements.


Akseli makes the reception of patients fast and effortless. Learn more about Akseli’s main features.

Self-service kiosks

An easy-to-use self-service kiosk facilitates self check-in and guides your customers directly to the correct healthcare professional. Read more

Info displays

The info displays inform customers in the waiting lobbies and can be used to replace traditional notice boards. The displays direct the customers to the correct treatment room. Read more

Tools for professionals

Make your operations more efficient and monitor customer flow. Akseli offers tools for scheduling of work and monitoring of space utilisation rates. Read more

Messages and reminders

Keep your customers up to date on appointments and changes to them by text message and email. Transfer your appointment management online. Read more


Avatars have become a firm favourite among young patients. From the hundreds of avatars included in the system, six are picked randomly for the child to choose from. Read more

Room reservations

Using paper calendars and searching for available rooms are now a thing of the past. Book all the facilities you need easily through a single user interface. Read more

Patient wristbands

Create seamless services and offer your customers a more convenient visit. Akseli RANNE boosts efficiency and customer satisfaction. Read more


Akseli’s reports provide valuable and detailed information on the efficiency of your operations. Forecasts help you anticipate challenges before they materialise. Read more


Akseli offers smart tools for treatment planning and contributes to effective time management by automatically proposing suitable shifts and schedules. Read more

Customer stories

Stories about collaboration and benefits offered by Akseli


Akseli offers several benefits, from reduced costs and saved time to enhanced customer experience.

Smooth customer journey

Akseli brings together professionals and customers and saves time for both. Preventing queues, a smooth customer flow improves customer experience and increases job satisfaction among employees.

Akseli keeps all parties up-to-date, even when situations change suddenly during the day. Akseli directs customers to the right waiting lobby and offers healthcare staff an overall picture of customer flow and room reservations in real time.


  • Faster customer flows
  • Better customer experience

Designed for professionals

Akseli provides healthcare staff with an up-to-date picture of the situation. With the system, the activities of a unit can be monitored efficiently and customer’s entire program can be checked from a list in the system.

Because Akseli offers customers the information and directions they need, healthcare staff does not have to spend time on these activities and they can focus on other tasks. Akseli’s Professional View shows whether a customer has arrived and is being served, and notifies customers waiting in the lobby with an audible signal when the waiting number being called in changes.

Work becomes more motivating and more time is left for treatment work while Akseli takes care of the routine tasks. Akseli directs customers to the correct location and the healthcare staff no longer needs to go out into the corridor to call customers in by their name.


  • More time for core activities – Akseli takes care of routine chores
  • A handy tool for monitoring tasks and managing timetables

Smart automation

Akseli helps with treatment planning. Scheduling appointments and operations runs smoothly because Akseli automatically proposes available time slots that suit all participants. The times proposed by Akseli can be utilised in backend systems used for reservations. This feature improves existing systems without the need for complex changes and retraining.

However, Akseli never makes the final decisions in the background. Plans are always checked and confirmed by the user. This way, planning combines the strengths of AI and human abilities.


  • Automate your scheduling activities and save time
  • Make your operations more efficient and optimise the use of your facilities

Base your decisions on data

Healthcare professionals operate in an environment where even small events or changes may have significant consequences. Akseli records all the events that take place within the areas it monitors, whether they concern a professional or a customer. Because of this feature, Akseli offers information on all events that have taken place: where and when they took place and who was involved.

Information stored in Akseli can also be used for compiling statistics, preparing reports, and developing and planning operations. This results in significant savings, for example, during construction projects or when reorganising functions within the organisation.


  • Significant savings and a short payback period
  • Reports shed light on areas that require development

Customised to your needs

Akseli scales to customers’ needs. Our customers can choose the functionalities they want to implement and their extent. Costs are based on use, which means that our customers never pay for something they do not need.

Our modern service model encompasses all the features and components required, delivered to the location and installed. Our comprehensive service package includes devices, software, integrations, support, maintenance, and even any new software versions released.


  • All you need in a single package – pick the features you require
  • A simple pricing strategy

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