Akseli for professionals

Akseli makes the reception of customers more efficient and offers tools for shift planning and room reservations, along with other views that make work easier.

Smoother work processes

Designed for professionals, our software makes workflows more efficient.

1. Reception of customers

Akseli provides real-time information on customers and enables smooth customer calls. Customers can be called in with a single click of the mouse, which also sends this information to the info displays and door displays.

Customers who have been called in can also be asked to wait or they can be transferred to another healthcare professional. After the visit, the appointment is marked as “Ready” in the system and customers who have multiple appointments are automatically directed to the next waiting lobby. All you need to do is manage the customer list and treat patients!


  • More time for core activities – Akseli takes care of routine chores​
  • Better customer experience, improved privacy

2. Shifts and room reservations

Akseli makes shift planning and room reservations easier. The system brings together available spaces, customers, and healthcare professionals. With Akseli, you can put your resources and spaces to efficient use and avoid double bookings and facilities remaining unused. Rooms can be reserved with a single click of the mouse and changed in a flexible manner – Akseli automatically guides the customer to the new treatment room.

With Akseli, Excel tables with thousands of cells and whiteboards covering several walls are a thing of the past. The scheduling of appointments is easy, with Akseli automatically searching the calendars of various backend systems for available time slots. Such features improve existing practices without the need for complex changes and retraining.

3. Other views

All Akseli’s views intended for professionals can be accessed using a single, easy-to-use interface. Functionalities can be enabled and disabled as required, and their visibility can be restricted based on users’ permissions.


  • The Professional’s View can be used for calling in customers and managing customer flow
  • The Organisation Tree View enables seamless resource management
  • The Devices view can be used for monitoring and managing devices
  • The Room Monitor view is a tool for monitoring the reservation status of spaces and locating available rooms
  • The Room Assignment View can be used for reserving facilities and linking them to appointments
  • The Ward View enables the efficient planning of treatment provided on wards
  • The Data Reporting view is a tool for viewing detailed statistics and identifying areas that require improvement

4. Statistics and reports

Akseli’s reports provide information on areas of the organisation that have room for improvement. Actions and events related to a function monitored by Akseli are recorded in the system, enabling the monitoring of the organisation’s performance on a detailed level. Typical functions on which records are kept include customer numbers, waiting times, units’ workloads, the sufficiency of resources, and the level of automation.

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