Akseli for customers

Enhance your customer experience.

Customer experience

For customers, Akseli offers a fast and fluent way to check in without having to queue. See the customer’s service path.

1. Reminders

Every appointment is preceded by an SMS reminder about the reservation. Because schedules are typically tight and appointment times are in high demand, it is essential that customers do not fail to turn up because they have forgotten their appointment.


  • Up-to-date information on appointments
  • No more rush and forgotten appointments

2. Check-in

Customers can check themselves in easily using the barcode on their Kela card. The self-service kiosk prints out a receipt and directs the customer to the correct waiting area. According to the customer feedback given to us, quick self check-in eliminates the need to queue and enhances the customer experience.

In addition to the main lobby, self-service kiosks should ideally be placed at all the entrances and in other lobbies. This allows customers receiving regular treatments to use their usual entry route and check in at the unit they are visiting.


  • Fast check-in – no queues, no need to give your personal identity code in a situation where it can be overheard
  • Clear directions to the correct waiting lobby

3. Call-in system

The system plays a sound when the waiting number changes and customers can check the number being called in from the Akseli info displays. The waiting number and the number of the treatment room are clearly presented on the info display. This process also improves privacy because customers do not have to be called in by their names.


  • Clearly presented information on the correct treatment room
  • Improved privacy because customers no longer need to be called in by their name

4. Communication

In addition to waiting numbers, the info displays can be used to display announcements and other relevant information. Typically, our clients use the displays to show news, events, adverts and relevant notices. The info displays are seen by all visitors, which makes them an efficient means of conveying your message.


  • An up-to-date communication channel for all kinds of information
  • Content can be managed on the level of individual displays

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